Custom Wig Company has released a line of wigs that are made with techniques that are as historically accurate as they can be. I would love to go into more detail but my ignorance on the making of wigs would show VERY quickly.  I was asked to create portraits for this new line.  I’ve been staring at a lot of painting as of late so was excited to bring that look and feel to the images.

Hannah from Custom Wig Company and her husband, Brandon, are both historical re-enactors.  Hannah makes many of their costumes and Brandon has learned how to bind books.  That meant we had fantastic wardrobe and props for these images. (Both Hannah and Brandon can be seen at Historic Locust Grove).

I love these images.  I can envision them in large, ornate frames hanging in a grand hall.  Most likely, a few of them will be printed and hung in my studio.  If you’d like to come see them, just let me know!

What if you could have large, painterly photos of you and those you care about displayed in your home?


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