Ben and I first met on a film set and I quickly discovered he is a talented photographer. When a photographer knows what it is to be in front of the camera, they know how to find the best in those they photograph.

After seeing his work, I knew I wanted to collaborate with him and when the planets aligned, I totally jumped at the chance!

We had a conversation to get a feel for what I was hoping for, and then he sent me a survey, which included some images for me to choose from. There were so many glorious photos! I grew even more eager – and a little nervous. I mean, how could my pictures possibly measure up to these works of art? Ben is obviously talented – and yet, I couldn’t imagine myself in the same realm as the beautiful pictures he shared.

The day of the shoot arrived and I drive the two-plus hours to meet him at his studio – which by the way, is amazing and in a wonderful location downtown, overlooking the river! The makeup artist was waiting for me and we spent some time getting me camera ready., including sorting through the clothing I had brought. (Another side note, Ben is so gracious and we pre-selected my wardrobe long-distance, which made a huge difference the day of!) With hair and makeup finished and clothing ready, the moment of truth arrived! We spent the next couple of hours talking, laughing, and creating – dare I say it? – ART.

Throughout the entire day, Ben made me feel comfortable; and his attention to detail ensured all pieces of hair were where they need to go and that posture and poses flattered me completely.

The day arrived for me to see the final product in person. I had a feeling they’d be nice – I mean, I DID see a few right off the camera on the day we took them. But I still wasn’t prepared to see myself in a new light. Ben captured me the way I see my best self – strong, multifaceted, and beautiful in a way that transcends just my physical form. His images let me glimpse how others see me. It was truly a transformative experience.

Ben isn’t just an artist – he is a visionary. And I’m so grateful to have been seen through his lens.



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