Before Your Portrait Sitting

Just as no two people are alike, neither are two portrait sittings alike. Your portraits are a reflection of you and planning every detail of your sitting will ensure they reflect your essence and personality. 

Before your sitting,  we’ll schedule a consultation to talk about your expectations and ideas. During the consultation, we’ll chat about the styling for your portraits, including:

  • your wardrobe, hair and makeup
  • any props, elements or items you want to include
  • what type or style of portrait you want (“Classic” portraits, boudoir/intimate, etc.)
  • how you may want to display your portrait at home

Talking through these will allow us to perfectly plan your day in the studio, ensuring  that your sitting runs seamlessly and is an experience you’ll thoroughly enjoy.



Download this valuable style guide will give you foolproof tips to help look great in all of your photos!
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