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When Bethany came back to the studio for the printed reveal from her portrait session, she brought her husband, Adrien, with her.  Later that evening, I received this email from him.

See Bethany’s portraits below.
I wanted to take a minute and write to you to let you know what your work means to me, personally. Today when we stepped in your studio and you unveiled the work of Bethany’s portraits, I felt emotional. It was the strangest thing. I, not coming from a photographic background, felt these intense emotions from looking at her beautiful portraits on your wall.

As we discussed all the techniques, and hair/makeup I couldn’t help but marvel at the art in your photos. I always just thought it was the model who makes the photos look good. Which, to their own credit is partially valid. But I learned that there is so much more happening behind the camera that opens up the inner beauty of all people the step in your studio.

The photos we saw today were simply stunning. I’ve never seen a photo that could speak to my soul such as your photos. My heart fluttered and gave me goosebumps the first time I saw them. Bethany’s eyes emitted such an intense array of emotions, all pure and beautiful as the next. The photos tell a story of Bethany’s life. The good times, the bad, the fun, the dangerous, and most powerfully – the love. As a husband to come in and witness the photos today, it made me feel excited, proud, and immense astonishment. I don’t think many people understand how much goes into a quality photo session like what you provided for Bethany. The lighting was perfect on each shot. The angle of the shots were clean and dramatic, the poses were majestic. Each photo reveals another characteristic of Bethany that reminds me why I love her so much. Like I said earlier today; It’s absolutely incredible that you can take someone whom I see every single day and spend my life with, and reveal beauty and emotion in your photos that I have never seen before. It’s an experience I’ll never forget and will be sure to pass along to any and everyone I can.

I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve accomplished with my beautiful wife. Your headshots are professional and amazing, but your portraits are a legacy people will talk about for decades and decades after your time has passed. I’m so proud of Bethany’s talent and beauty, but also I’m equally as proud of the incredible photographer behind the lens that made my heart cry a little more today.

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