Bridal Portraits

Let me start by saying that I am not a wedding photographer. But I love bridal portraits. You may wonder what a bridal portrait is and how a photographer who doesn’t shoot weddings can claim a specialization in bridal portraiture. To answer that, let’s dig into the history and [...]

Bridal Portraits2020-09-14T12:05:45-04:00

Birthday Portrait for Heather (my amazing wife)

From Heather I’ve been watching my husband grow into his art for years. I’ve seen the stunning portraits he’s created, how beautiful and also how real he makes everyone who gets in front of his camera look. And every time I would look at the newest round of [...]

Birthday Portrait for Heather (my amazing wife)2019-09-24T17:47:31-04:00

Portraits: More Than Facebook and Instagram

Have you noticed that you or people you know spend a lot of time looking at social media but and much of the time is actually mindless scrolling? Barley paying attention to the images and text that are  zooming by? By it's very nature, social media is consumed quickly [...]

Portraits: More Than Facebook and Instagram2019-08-19T10:10:00-04:00

Portraits with Alexis Bode

While visiting her friend Kesley, Alexis saw a portrait that I had created for Kesley.  This portrait of Kesley was inspired by Joseph Decamp's "Woman Drying Her Hair" Alexis, being a self-described lover of impressionist art, was taken by Kesley's portrait. So much so that she reached [...]

Portraits with Alexis Bode2019-07-30T09:53:10-04:00