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I’ve shot Jessica’s headshots a couple times and was excited to learn that she had been given a gift of a portrait session with me.  Before her session, we spoke about how she wanted to be photographed. That conversation about how stunning portraits can be very powerful for her and how much that they will mean to her son, Lincoln.

Below are thoughts that she shared after her session and her stunning images! 

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I was recently gifted a portrait session and while the thought of it made me nervous I was excited to create pictures for Lincoln to look at later down the road. I saw my pictures last week and I’m still on such a high from the experience that I wanted to share it with you guys.

Ben took my headshots a while back but other than that the last time I was professionally photographed was over four years ago. So much has happened since then. I lost my mama. I became a mama. I left corporate America. I started a business. I fought through the lowest of lows and reached unimaginable highs. Today I sit on the other side of grief, my baby is growing into a little boy and my business continues to grow. I couldn’t think of a better moment in time to capture.

A couple weeks before my session Ben and I had a quick phone call to discuss what to bring, what clothing photographs well and what doesn’t. Staying true to form I overpacked. When I arrived we sorted through my clothes. I pointed out the dress that I wore in one of my favorite pictures with mom. I showed him what I felt most beautiful in and what I felt most badass in. Then Ben asked me about my legacy and how I wanted to be photographed. Wow, such a hard question to answer! When Lincoln looks at these pictures 40 years from now, what do I want him to see? It was nice to slow down and really think about the big picture. Our conversation shifted to the importance of photos, something I’ve definitely learned the last few years since losing mom.

After we picked my outfits out Pam worked her magic with makeup. She is insanely talented! She made me feel the most beautiful I’ve ever felt. While I was in the studio I was so relaxed. I wasn’t thinking about work, grocery lists or travel schedules. I didn’t pick up my phone to read texts or check social media. Not once in five hours! I was 100% living in the moment and it felt amazing. Something that sounded so scary turned out to be a blast! Ben made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera.

I walked out that day feeling confident and beautiful, two things I haven’t felt in years. I didn’t need to see the pictures to know that I’d love them. I knew they’d be perfect just because of how good I felt during the session.

A few weeks later I got a message from Ben letting me know my pictures were ready. So exciting! When he pulled the board back I couldn’t believe what I saw. There she was! There was the lover. There was the fighter. There was the mother. There was the badass. He’d captured my soul. I couldn’t believe it. I walked out that day on cloud nine. I will be forever grateful for this gift. It was an experience that every woman should have at least once in her life.

Thank you so much, Ben!

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