Grandma. Great Grandma, Grandma, Mom, Aunt. These are our new roles in life.

I love being a Mom. I absolutely loved every grand adventure my daughters and I had together during their childhood and every chapter of parenting but this felt like something more. Being a Grandma felt like more than a chapter it felt like a new book. How do you capture that? How do you capture such a beautiful transition of four strong women to an entire new world of adventures?

A picture.

A cover for this new book.

It can’t just be any picture though. My mom hadn’t had a professional picture taken since I was in grade school and I’m always the one behind the camera and rarely in the actual photo unless it’s a very poorly conducted selfie with just my forehead showing. I’m not comfortable in front of a camera and any professional picture I’ve ever had taken always looks stiff and unnatural. Regardless, I felt like we needed to do something permanent that would capture this moment forever.

The first person I thought of was Ben Marcum.

I’ve followed Ben’s photography since he produced my daughter’s headshots a couple of years ago. His work is beautiful and all the women come across strong, confident, and exactly who they’re supposed to be.

Still nervous over the idea I contacted him. Instantly he put me at ease. We met and discussed the details. He wanted to know why I was scheduling and what I was trying to accomplish. He instantly put me at ease over my fear in front of the camera. He explained he would be there for me for every detail prior to our session even helping me choose outfits for the five of us. He asked me about my insecurities and assured me that he would make sure my pictures turned out the way I wanted them. It was all a very comforting and simple process that immediately took away my anxiety.

Prior to our session, I sent him a picture of the outfits I had chosen and he approved.

The day of our session we each took turns getting our makeup done by Pam Butler of The Beauty Patrol and having individual photoshoots that were the most relaxing of any photographs I’ve ever had taken. My mom had never experienced anything like this and she was extremely comfortable in the environment and felt at home. Our makeup artist was amazing and Ben works magic behind the camera.

We went to lunch after our session and came back to view some of his favorite photos and choose the ones we wanted to keep. We laughed, we cried a little, we laughed a lot more, and we went home with not only memories from that day but keepsakes we’ll have forever.

A couple of weeks later my mom had unexpected double bypass surgery. She survived and is doing very well but as they took her back I was so grateful that I had spent the money, took the time, even had the idea to share this day together. I highly recommend to all middle-aged Moms out there, take this moment for yourself and for your family.

It’s a day my mom, my daughters and I will never forget.



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