You’ve booked your portrait session.  Congratulations, you’re going to have a blast!

…now what?

Now, We start planning!  I want your portrait experience to be special, something that you remember or the rest of your life.  I also want it to be a stress-free experience full of laughter!

Here’s what happens- 

Your Portrait Session Consultation

The first step is a conversation about you and your session – we can talk via phone, video chat, or you can come to the studio.

Because my portrait sessions are tailored to each person, it’s important that I spend a little time getting to know you and what you want from your portraits. You may not know the answer to that at first, and that’s fine, the consultation will help us figure it out together.

In addition to discussing the scope and style of your session, I’ll also ask you about what portrait products you’re interested in. Are you looking for a piece of legacy artwork to frame beautifully and hang on your wall? A keepsake folio box to store the full set of your images? Are the portraits we are creating for you alone or are you giving them as gifts (or both)? This information ensures that the day of your session we create exactly the images that you want.

Styling Assistance for Your Portraits

Part of planning your session includes that age-old question, “What should I wear?” 

This may be one of the aspects of planning a portrait session that concerns people the most. They worry that they don’t have the right pieces or that the pieces they have aren’t “good” or they’re not sure how to pick the best options from their closet. 

Don’t worry, though, we’re going to make sure your portrait wardrobe is fun, not stressful.

You might already have a special gown or outfit in mind for your session – or perhaps you have a pile of “maybes” and you’re not sure which ones to pick or if they’ll work together. I often ask people to take “mirror selfies” in the clothing they are considering or their portraits.  This is useful or a couple of reasons.  

First, it lets me understand the fit and flow of the garment, as well as the overall vibe of it. Second, seeing the clothing beforehand can tell us if that piece is going to photograph well. Some fabrics or textures look fantastic in person but don’t “read” as well on camera. 

By going through and planning with your wardrobe pieces before your day in the studio, we alleviate all the last minute stress and add a little excitement! 

But what if you don’t want to wear anything you have?

No problem! A portrait session is an excellent reason to go shopping for new clothing. Hit the stores and try things on. Make it a day that you go out and play.  Maybe take a chance and try on a few things that you may not normally try.

On the other hand, you might not want to purchase a bunch of new clothing. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family if you can borrow something(s).  Sometimes, you don’t even need to purchase or borrow a whole outfit, a few new accessories can transform a piece you already love into something special. 

You can also rent clothing.  Sites like Rent the Runway are amazing – it’s the perfect way to wear a glam designer gown for very little money. 

Finally, I  have an ever-growing studio wardrobe that you are welcome to use for your portrait session. As part of your consultation, we’ll include time for you to check out the pieces and try on anything that catches your eye.

Want to know more about that? See My Studio Wardrobe! 


All in all, our pre-portrait session consultations will give you a chance to meet me, ask any questions you have about the experience and will help ensure that your session is comfortable, fun and memorable. While it is 100% normal to be a little nervous before your portraits with the conversations we have in advance of your day, you will feel more confident and know exactly what to expect.

I can’t wait to see you in the studio!


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