I recently got to hear a world famous photographer, Platon, speak at a convention. He discussed how the act of creating a portrait is a shared experience between the photographer and the person they are photographing. I could not agree with him more – one of the most important parts of my job is to find a connection with you. Once that happens, magic gets made.

However, I think the shared experience of a portrait goes much further. It goes on long after I’ve pressed the button on the camera and long after I’ve worked my editing magic.

First, I am going to print them and then I’m going to invite you back to see your portraits.

The moment you see the finished product, the portrait gallery of YOU on my wall, you will be having an entirely new experience. Honestly, it may be an experience you remember the rest of your life.

…but it doesn’t end there.

Imagine this:

You came to me for a portrait of yourself or a loved one. Then you came back to my studio and to see your portraits – perhaps you brought a friend or family member along. You see them and touch them and can’t believe how much you love them, how incredible they make you feel. You take them home, have them beautifully framed and hung in your home. Every time you see them, it is going to spark that wonderful mix of emotions again. You’re not just getting the experience of being photographed, you’re getting the permanent experience of living with yourself as art.

And it keeps going!

When you have guests and they see these beautiful portraits, they will also have an emotional response, which means that now the experience of your portraits is shared with someone else. Perhaps these portraits become a part of your legacy and are passed down for generations, who also get to share in that experience, and get to know you through your portrait.

…or maybe you had portraits created just for you. Every time you go back and look at those printed images, they are going to stir something in you, and you’re going to keep having an emotional response.

The simple fact is, the impact of a portrait doesn’t end once it’s been captured on camera – that’s only the beginning. It’s an experience for lifetimes.

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