Have you noticed that you or people you know spend a lot of time looking at social media but and much of the time is actually mindless scrolling? Barley paying attention to the images and text that are  zooming by? By it’s very nature, social media is consumed quickly and the content is virtually disposable and often meaningless. More than likely, even if you see something that catches your eye, you don’t think to go back and enjoy it later – it’s gone and the next meme, cat cartoon or vacation selfie has already replaced it. 

There’s nothing wrong with any of that. Selfies help us keep up with our friends and family and cat memes provide us with joy and fun. So why am I breaking down social media and it’s endless cycle of scrolling?

Because it shouldn’t be the only legacy any of us leave behind. 

Sometimes, it’s important to stop and make an image that matters more than a day or two of “likes”. 

That is one of the many reasons that when I create portraits, I encourage you to take home printed portraits and display them proudly. Maybe your portraits go on a table top. Maybe you have large show-stopping wall art printed. Either way, being able to see them daily is an amazing feeling! It’s a celebration of you (or you and your family) every single time you see it. 

To look at it another way: in the years and decades to come, are you going to look back at your Instagram timeline? Will Instagram even still be around? Are you going to pass your social media on to the next generations? What if the current social media platforms go away? Remember Friendster and MySpace?

Let’s create portraits of you that take your breath away every time you see them. Let create portraits that become cherished pieces of art to be passed down for generations. Let’s make a real memory.

And don’t worry. You can still share your portrait on your social media. 

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