One of the features included in your portrait session is a makeup artist.  I am beyond thrilled to be partnered with The Beauty Patrol, a team of professional makeup artists who are recognized as some of the best in the region. Here’s a few reasons why having your very own makeup artist is important for your portrait session.

Your Portrait Session Should Be Stress Free

I don’t want you to have to think about what makeup to wear, “does it look right?!”, or if the colors look good, or if you have the right products. I want you to be able to relax and enjoy the experience of having your makeup done by trained professionals.  How often do you get to do that?!

Professional Makeup Artists Use Professional Products

Not all products are created equal. The Beauty Patrol artists use professional quality products and tools that not only look and feel wonderful but also work well when photographed.  As an added bonus, the products they use are cruelty-free.

The Makeup Artist Is There for Your Entire Session

The makeup artist that is here for your portrait session stays with us during the session, available for touch-ups, tweaks and changes to your makeup. No need to worry if your lipstick starts to fade or you need a touch of powder!

They Know What Looks Great On You AND On Camera

The artists at the from The Beauty Patrol and I have been working together for years.  Our long collaboration means they’re great at knowing  what looks we are aiming for in your portrait and know how to achieve it. They also understand how to design and apply makeup to work with lighting I use.  

…Added Bonus!

When we’ve  finished your session, you’re all dressed up with flawless makeup…
What a great excuse to go out for an amazing evening on the town! 



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