“Choosing a gift for my mom is always my hardest task at the holidays. So when she told me she knew exactly what she wanted for Christmas this year, I was so excited…until she told me she wanted a new picture of me. Then I was…not excited. I am not photogenic and there is almost nothing I hate more than being in front of a camera. I can’t relax and I just want it over as quickly as possible. I had heard about Ben and saw his work on his website. It really impressed me, but I thought all of the shots looked like models who had been born to be photographed. But when I spoke to Ben for the first time, he put me at ease and I discovered that most of them were just like me and felt the same way about having portraits made! I am living proof that anyone can do a shoot with Ben and the result will be an image of the best version of yourself.

As Ben and I began to email back and forth about outfits and ideas preparing for the day of the photo session, I started to relax and suspect that this might even be fun. Little did I know what an enjoyable day was ahead of me with Ben and Pam! Now I’m not gonna lie here, I need to tell you that you will be tired at the end of the day so when Ben tells you to get plenty of sleep the night before, you’d better listen. Also, your abs may be sore the next day from laughing! Ben is creative and high energy and he knows how to pull genuine responses out of you so what you see on the reveal wall is truly a reflection of who you are. I felt so great that day with my hair and makeup done, changing in and out of outfits like a little girl playing dress up. Speaking of makeup, Pam was not just the makeup artist for the day…she was an active part of the session and the interplay between Pam and Ben absolutely made the day and what I saw in my images. You can tell these two professionals have a history of working seamlessly together and enjoy the heck out of doing it!

We took all the types of photos Ben and I had discussed and I left the studio feeling totally glamorous, beautiful and confident. How could I not when I just had my picture taken in a gold sparkly gown surrounded by a set he designed that looks like it came from a 1940s Hollywood behind the scenes shoot!

“I left the studio feeling totally glamorous, beautiful and confident.”

When the day came to select my mom’s photo, I was nervous again. What if there wasn’t a good one I could give her? But when Ben pulled back the curtain on the reveal wall, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! There it was…I saw the perfect one immediately. And another one I liked, and another one, and another one…I wasn’t prepared for how amazing they made me feel about myself! Everyone should do this…to be able to have an experience like this where they actually get to see their personality come alive.

And my mom not only loved the portrait she got for Christmas, but she wants another one framed for her birthday!

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