The Day of Your Portrait Sitting

Portrait sittings are relaxed, empowering and fun, unlike anything that you’ve done before. You will feel how much passion and joy the team at Ben Marcum Photography brings to their art and how important it is to them that you are comfortable and that you receive a truly unique work of art.

The day of your session, plan to arrive just a few minutes early, so there’s time for us to help you load in your clothes and get settled. If the schedule permits, you can drop off your wardrobe the day before so you’re not worrying about it the day of your shoot. Be sure to read through the Location and Parking guide before you head downtown.

Once you’ve arrived, the fun begins! You’ll be pampered by our makeup artist, who will ensure each detail of your makeup is perfect and that you feel totally comfortable with your “look”. During the session, we may change up the look a bit by adding makeup or swapping colors, but the artist will start with a clean, classic and elegant “base”.

With makeup and hair complete, and your first outfit on, you’ll head to the shooting room. Ben will be ready to guide you through the session, using coaching and cues to make you feel right at home and at ease in front of the camera. Worried about this part?  You are not alone. Almost everyone is nervous at first. The good news is, you don’t have to know what to do. Ben will guide you through the entire process, pose you, and will elicit genuine expressions from you. You’ll have so much fun you’ll quickly forget there’s a camera there at all.



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