There is a wall in my studio that I call “THE REVEAL WALL”. What happens in front of it is simply magical.  So far, no one that has stood in front of it was prepared for what they were going to experience.  

After your portrait session, your images are edited, printed, and placed in display mattes. The matted images are then showcased on the reveal wall and then….you’ll come back for your private reveal session.  

Once we are ready, I pull back the curtain and you’ll see all the stunning portraits of yourself, right there in front of you.  There is often a small gasp or an “Oh, wow…”.  It is powerful.  It’s moving (I’m getting a little goosebumpy writing about it). I get out of the way for this because I want you to be able to stand in front of the wall and just take it in. Often there is silence while people just stand back and look – the silence is eventually broken by the question, “Can I touch them?!?”  

Yes! Please do!

I can only guess what people are actually feeling as they take images down from the wall and look at them more closely and handle them.  It feels like they are proud.  Like they are in awe. In some cases like they are rediscovering themselves. It is a glorious feeling in the studio every time I get to show someone their images.

Once you’ve had a chance to experience all of your portraits, you’ll be able to pick the ones you want to keep and place your order for any enlargements. While large prints have to be ordered, your 8×10 portraits are all ready to go – whether you buy one or whether you buy them all, you’ll be able to take them with you immediately. 

It’s my goal to create an experience for you, from the beginning of your portrait session to the moment you see yourself on the wall to the feeling you’ll get every time you look at these photos (or show them off!). You’re an amazing, unique person and you deserve to celebrate yourself. 

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