“Oh, not me.  I’m not photogenic.”

I’ve heard that sentence more time than I can count and I’m going to let you in on a secret. You’re right.

You are NOT photogenic.

It’s not your fault though.  You are not photogenic because there is no such this as being photogenic. The notion someone being photogenic is that they “magically” look great in every photo. In reality, everyone can look great on camera, if they feel comfortable and at ease. 

SO now the pressure if off.  Let’s talk about getting in front of the camera.

 What makes an amazing portrait has everything to do with being comfortable and being yourself. However, in my experience, as soon as a camera is directed someone’s direction, all the years of training to “smile for the camera”, “say cheese”. or whatever else we were taught to do comes rushing back. We “act” the way we were coached over years of  awkward family photos, school portrait day, and every other picture of us that is in a family album somewhere.

So how do we fix it?

It’s easier than you think.

Mother and Daughter Family Portrait

For selfies:

Step one.  Relax. It’s a selfie.  Most likely, it’s not going to go up in the National Portrait Gallery, so the pressure is off.  You can keep taking shots until you get something you like. Don’t be afraid to laugh with yourself about the outtakes and capture those laughs! We’ve all had that moment of turning our camera on and the front-facing camera gets us.  That can be an amazing laugh!

Step one is really the only one for selfies. Just have fun and go with the moment. 

Neville upstaging me in a selfie.

For professional portraits.

Lighting, camera equipment, editing, etc is such a small part of what I do when creating a portrait. The secret to my portraits has everything to do with connection and comfort. I talk with and want to get to know the person/ people I am creating portraits for.

“OK, now smile.” does not work. No one looks confident or comfortable when they fake a smile. Before you ever step in front of my camera, I will have already done my best to get to know a little about you. We will have likely had phone conversations, exchanged emails, and you are welcome to visit the studio. 

I don’t expect you to know how to pose and I promise you, no one knows what to do with their hands or how to sit just-so. It doesn’t matter if it’s a classsic portrait sitting or boudoir/intamite portraits,  I’ll be guiding you through poses and facial expressions, and most importantly, creating moments where you forget about the camera. In those moments, I’m going to capture images you never thought were possible – you at your most natural, most authentic, most real. 

The process all comes down to trust and being in the moment.

Here is my promise to you. I will not let a bad portrait of you leave my studio.

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