Many of us haven’t had a solo portrait taken since our senior year of high school. Depending on exactly when that was, we might have fond (or otherwise) memories of posing with our band instrument lovingly cradled or sprawled over the hood of our first car. While the specifics of your senior portrait and any props or personal items you included might seem hilarious or awkward or overly optimistic today, the concept of including items with special significance or symbolism in portraits is an old one, and one that can be revived today. 

Family Portraits in Louisville KY

The jewelry and Scarves in this portrait all have family history.

Consider that a musician might wish to include their instrument in their portrait. Not necessarily because they are a professional and need to include it for promotional reasons, but simply because they feel joy and happiness when they have their cello or guitar nearby. It’s a meaningful part of their life. Including it in their portrait is a way of acknowledging the role it plays and what it means to them. Or perhaps a book lover might choose to include a few favorite volumes in their portrait. It’s an idea as old as portraits themselves, posing with a favorite or important book in hand or nearby. It’s a subtle way to connect with something you love and tell people who someday view your portrait a little bit about yourself.

You can bring personal items for your portraits

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what object or items you choose to include in your portrait. What matters is that having an item that is important or meaningful to you in your portrait is a way to add another layer to your story. It’s a way to leave just a little bit more of yourself behind, to add a touch of your personality to the image. Whether it’s a harpsichord or your favorite putter, consider if there are treasured objects or items that have a huge role in your life. If so, it’s probably worth bringing them to your session. Though if you’re bringing a harpsichord, be sure to let me know in advance! 



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